Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife Video

Earlier I posted about the new Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife. You can see some of the specifications here. This is a video released by Mora of Sweden showing some of the features of the knife.

It looks like a perfectly good design, but lately I’m starting to get that ”gimmicky” feeling from Mora. Seems like they discovered the bushcraft market, and are now milking it for all it’s worth. First it was a $30 line of “bushcraft” knives with only marginal change in utility from the $10 line of knives we’ve been using to decades. Now it is a super combo sharpener/fire steel sheath. What’s next; a hollow handle containing a sutchering needle for when I get shot by the sheriff?

Again, there is nothing wrong with the design, but I am really starting to get the feeling that Mora is putting out products and branding based on what they think will sell, rather than based on adherence to their traditions of knife making. Instead of putting out all these “bushcraft” knives, how about bringing back the Mora 510? How about that?


  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels that way. For $10 they are an amazing knife. For over $30, I'm not so sure they are worth it, I'd rather put that amount toward something else.

  2. I like that Mora is investing thousands of dollars in tooling and R&D to cater to a market I am interested in. Maybe in their research, they will learn that bushcraft people do not necessarily need new models and then they will bring back the 510.
    - Then again, they will probably look at what people are buying and keep the most popular models and drop the poor selling models.
    - I plan on buying the Bushcraft knife as soon as it appears on Ben's Backwods site.
    - And no, I am not a Mora rep and have no interest except my love of the woods.
    - And yes, I really like your blog. Keep it up.

  3. :) Hey, you never have to explain why you like what you like. Let us know what you think of it when you get it.

  4. Hi,

    Excellent blog here.

    I agree with what you say about Mora getting on the band wagon but they still sell their cheaper knifes that people in the know will realise are just as good.

    I have a mora 2000 and it is a superb knife. It was about £20 here in the uk to buy. I dont think it is worth double the price of a Mora hunter for example which is also a superb knife.

    They are still goood for the money at that price in my opinion.

    Mora rules

  5. I have been using a mora craftline for years now and is has seen gutting, battoning and worse and for that MORA deserves all my respect for manufacturing high value working knifes for little money.

    However the new Bushcraft "survival" is a total design-desaster:
    - That diamond sharper is too small and coarse to actually sharpen effectively and will most likely be the cause when cutting into the sheath
    - The sudden change to the Mora2000 hybridbladecrap that is impossible to sharpen and prone to tip-breaking when battoning!
    - The firesteel is held by 3 hardplastic loops at the firesteelROD. It WILL come loose and rattle once the rod has been used frequently.
    - Why suddenly only the stainless steel without specifics now? What happened to the luxury of triflex and laminated high carbon steel
    - Has the MORA lost its interest in grip colours?

    This design-desaster list will be complete when price jumps above 40$... Even though thats still a low price for a high value working tool.

  6. Hello everyone, glad so many people like our knives.

    Regarding the Morakniv Bushcraft series it's a result of knife users around the world that contacted us and suggested improvments they would like to see on our outdoor knives. We are glad to get any comment or feedback on www.facebook.com/MORAKNIV

    Regarding our legendary "The Wilderness Blade" (510) we still have the successor 511 (= 510 with finger guard) still sold for a very decent price. If you don't like the finger guard, just cut it away. We still have the 510 moulds left, so if the demand would be big enough, we could take it back into production.

    If you want us to know your oppinion regarding our knives or if you have a question to ask, go to www.facebook.com/MORAKNIV and get your voice heard.

    Thomas Eriksson, Product Manager of MORAKNIV

  7. Wow! I have to say, I am incredibly impressed that a company the size of Mora of Sweden would care enough to reply to individual blog posts. There is very little question about why Mora products have the high reputation that they do. Whether a person likes an individual product or not, I think this is a great reaffirmation that this is a company that stands behind its products, and cares about its customers.

  8. Hi, nice blog! I liked this new model, thou their website has the bushcraft force blade instead of the 2000 blade. Hope they make it on carbon steel also. thx