Friday, September 23, 2011

Fire Fixins Review

This product was provided to me by the manufacturer for purposes of testing it. For more information, or to place an order directly with the manufacturer, contact

Fire Fixins is a fire starter made by a father and son team from Ohio. It is comprised of a bundle of jute rope which has been impregnated with wax, and a piece of fatwood attached to the bundle. The whole product costs $4.


The two tinders can be used separately or in combination. Both tinders are capable of taking a spark from a ferrocerium rod, and as you can see from the video, are water resistant, if not water proof.

Using the tinder is easy. Take a piece of the jute rope, pull the fibers apart so that you expose the fine threads inside and put a spark to it.


The tinder catches very quickly and provides a good flame.


The fatwood can either be used as kindling in order to strengthen the flame from the jute rope, or it can be used as tinder in and of itself. To do that, just scrape off some fine shavings. I like to do that by using the spine of my knife.


When you have a good pile of shavings, put a spark to it. It does not catch as easily as the jute rope, but it will catch. Just like the jute, the fatwood is water resistant because of the high oil content in the wood. It should be able to catch a spark even after it has been exposed to water.


Overall, I am very happy with this product. It worked exactly as advertised. When compared to the tinder I usually use (cotton balls and Vaseline), it takes a bit longer to prepare, but on the other hand, it makes a lot less of a mess. You can prepare the tinder without getting anything on your hands.

Something that you can not see in the video or pictures is the smell of the product. The fatwood really adds a nice smell, which makes the product a pleasure to use. I am usually very performance oriented in my reviews, but this fire starter just had a good feel to it. I you are someone who likes using natural materials, I think Fire Fixins will hit the spot. Even without those characteristics however, this is a well performing product. For the price, you just can’t go wrong.  

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