Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kovea Camp 5 Stove Modifications Continued…

As you guys know, after the initial modifications to my Kovea Camp 5 stove, I continued thinking about some other possible modifications. I think that I now have what will be the final version of the stove, and I wanted to share it with you.


I have made two modifications. The first one was suggested by a reader here, and it is to remove the long, flat surface from the bottom of the legs and make them reach the ground at a point. This would eliminate the possibility of the legs being effected by uneven ground.

The second modification was to remove some of the metal from the sides of the stove where the old legs used to be attached.

Here is what the leg supports looked like before:


And here is what they look like now, after the modifications:


It turns out the body of the stove is made from aluminum, so removing the metal was easy to do. All I used was a manual hack saw and a file.

I don’t think here are any other modifications I can do to the stove, so this will be the final product.


As mentioned before, because the stove is so light, it can be unstable without a pot on it. I have used this version in the field several times, and it has performed very well. After all the modifications, the stove currently weighs 4.7 oz. As far as I know, that is lighter than any commercially available remote canister stove.

Of course, modifying a stove can be dangerous, and I’m sure it is not recommended by the manufacturer, but I’m happy with the results in this case..

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