Monday, July 9, 2012

Dave Canterbury and Myke Hawke New Survival Show in the Works

As most of you know by now, Dave Canterbury will not be returning for the third season of Dual Survival. Similarly, Myke Hawke will not be making another season of Man, Woman, Wild. It appears that they will now work together on a new project for the Outdoor Channel. Here is a statement released by Dave last week:

“Okay I have been waiting to let this out until things were solidified but I am going to be Making another TV Series with Myke Hawke for the Outdoor Channel with a Youth/Teen Survival Theme. I cannot release all details at this point but wanted to let friends know the new developments. It will be a very short filming season and this will allow me plenty of time for Family, The Pathfinder School, and YT Video Production. Just wanted to give everyone and update that is about all the info I can release at this time.”


I have been told the same thing independently by the Myke Hawke people. The statement was equally vague, but seems that the project is on its way.

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  1. Dave Canterbury is well suited for teaching a boy scout inspired outdoor club. The pathfinder oraginization and the pathfinder youth organization are similar to scouting without the army style uniforms. I like Myke Hawke's abilities but I tend to mute the volume when he decides he has to go on a long descriptive narrative. They should put a 20 word speaking limit. Or 150 characters like twitter :)