Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Arctic Exploration - Shackleton’s and Scott’s Cabins

Earlier I posted about how Google has been taking their street mapping technology off trail. One of the products of this experiment has been the documentation of several historical sites. In particular, recently Google released 360 degree views of the huts of two great Arctic explorers, Shackleton and Scott. Using Google Street view, you can navigate through the entirety of their huts on the Antarctic continent.

To view Shackleton’s hut, follow the link here. You can drag the image around to turn the camera in different directions, and you can use the arrows on the bottom of the image to move back and forth to different locations in the cabin.

Shackleton's Hut

For Scott’s hut, follow the link here. Don’t forget to use the arrows on the bottom of the image to navigate back and forth through the cabin. The software allows you to go through different rooms. There are several to explore.

Scott's Hut

Google has also mapped several other location in Antarctica. For the full list of locations, check out the post released by Google here.

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