Monday, October 22, 2012

My Favorite Bushcraft and Camping Blogs

I know I have done posts like this before. I figured it is about time I did another one. Things change over time. Some blogs become more active, while others stop publishing. People’s tastes change, including mine, so what I like tends to fluctuate.


The blogs you see here are the ones that I find myself visiting most often. They don’t necessarily have the best content, or the most content, they are just the ones that I read most often these days. All the blogs I have listed on the side bar of my blog I consider worth reading. These are just the ones I follow most closely these days.

American Grouch: I have mentioned this blog before. It focuses on mare traditional bushcraft and hunting skills. It has great content and great photography. The author writes from personal experience and is honest about his choices, whether they be made for practical reasons or otherwise.

hrXXLight: This is a blog focusing on lightweight backpacking. The blog contains some amazing trip reports and gear reviews which are clearly based on actual field use of the items. Few blogs have inspired me to go into the woods lately as much as this one. 

PTC*: This is a backpacking blog from the UK. It is full of great content, and covers a lot of trips as well as gear reviews. You are probably noticing a team here, but the author actually does what he preaches and the reviews and recommendations are based on actual use and different conditions, not just on speculation.

Section Hiker: This is another lightweight backapcking blog. There are a lot of reviews and trip reports. The author does a lot of backcountry travel, which is noticeable in his writings. He also does a fair amount of teaching on the subject.

SKW Bushcraft: This is a wonderful bushcraft and backpacking blog. Unfortunately it is not written in English, so you will have to use Google Translate to translate from Slovak into English. The author is skilled and does not seem to concerned with bushcraft trends.

The Weekend Woodsman: This is a very good bushcraft blog written by an American guy who lives in Finland. His posts are always well though out and solidly based on experience.

Woodsrunner’s Diary: This is a historical recreation and living blog. It focuses on 18th century life and backcountry travel. It contains a great amount of information based on research and personal experience. If you are interested in historical approaches to woodsmanship, you will find a lot of great information there.

Well, that’s it. I have arranged the blogs in alphabetical order. I encourage you to visit all of the blogs I have listed on the side bar of my blog. I find they all contain valuable information.

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