Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where is Wood Trekker?

You might have noticed a recent severe decline in posts on my blog. As you probably know, I live in Long Island NY, and we got hit pretty hard here on the coast by hurricane Sandy.
I lost power because of the storm on Sunday night of last week (10/28/12). I am still without power in my apartment as of the date of this post.
Internet access also seems to be down for the area, and I have no cell phone service. Luckily, the train started running on my line yesterday, so I have been able to get into the city to get to my office. I get cell phone service away from my apartment, so I was able to upload this post (hopefully).
I was lucky in that my building didn’t get damaged. We had some trees down around the building, but they all managed to avoid it.
A few days after the storm I took a walk to the train station and the crews were clearing up the tracks.
Other than that everything is fine. I have plenty of food and water. Gas is still hard to get. The lines at gas stations are ridiculously long.
We are supposed to get another storm here on Wednesday night, so I hope it doesn’t cause even more problems. There are large portions of Long Island and NJ that are still without power.
On the up side, I had a lot of time to sit around, so I finally finished some time consuming experiments that I have been putting off. I’ll post ore about them as soon as I get back my internet connection.

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