Thursday, December 13, 2012

Olicamp Space Saver Anodized Aluminum Mug Review

As I’ve mentioned before, these days I use a Stoic Ti Kettle as my cup when in the woods. When I was searching for the “right” cup however, I tried out some different ones. One of them was the Olicamp Space Saver cup. I wanted to do a brief review of it since I already purchased and used it.


The cup weighs 3.2 oz, and cost me about $13 from Ben’s Backwoods. I should mention that the customer service was great. The Olicamp Space Saver cup is made of hard anodized aluminum, and is designed to nest with a Nalgene bottle.


The cup has a fairly good design. It has a standard shape that fits over a Nalgene bottle, and hold 24 oz of liquid. Unlike most other similar cups, it has very large handles, similar to what you would see on a US GI canteen cup. I thought the design worked well. The longer handles are good when you have hot liquid in the cup. The handles are riveted to the body much like on the old canteen cups.

While the design on the mug is fine, unfortunately the construction is not. It is just obvious that this cup was made as cheaply as possible. The handles did not line up properly, or more exactly, did not fit together, so the grip was very uncomfortable unless I spent some time adjusting them. The rivets used to attach the handles are very rough, and have not been properly pressed. The ones on my cup protruded so much on the inside of the cup that they gauged out the Nalgene bottle I was using.

I bought the Olicamp Space Saver Mug because it was cheap. Sometimes you get products that are low cost, but are still well made. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. The cost cutting measures are quite obvious. Of course, it is significantly cheaper than my Stoic Ti Kettle, which retails for over $30. That being said, I bought mine on sale for $20. I’ll pay the extra $8 any time because the quality is just light years apart.

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