Friday, April 5, 2013

Kovea Stoves Finally Introduced on the US Market

This past year you saw me do an initial and long term review of the Kovea Spider stove. Kovea is a Korean company, and until now, their products were not being directly sold in the US, despite the fact that Kovea does the manufacturing for many other, more well known brands like MSR. It was possible to buy directly from the Kovea eBay store, but you no longer need to do that.


Starting this month, at least one US distributor will be selling Kovea products, and hopefully with more to come. Currently, you can purchase the Kovea Spider from The Gear House. A few days ago they also had available the Kovea Alpine Pot stove, a Jetboil variant, but seems like they are already sold out. Hopefully that is a sign that the products are selling well and make it worth for Kovea to expand into the US market.

The reason I say that is because I have been very happy with the Kovea products I have tested, and in particular with the Spider stove. Kovea products also tend to be much more affordable than alternatives like MSR and Primus, without sacrificing quality. I hope to see more Kovea products on the US market soon.

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