Monday, May 6, 2013

New Survivorman Episodes Are in The Works

Yes, that’s right. Survivorman will be returning for a new season-eight more episodes. It appears that Les Stroud has signed a contract with Discovery for another season and filming will start in a few days. It will be some time before the episodes are on the air, but I’m glad we have more on the way.


Here is what Les had to say on his Facebook page about the project:

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!! yep - you guessed it - as of a couple of days ago I finally officially signed with the networks .... and in less than two weeks I head out to: FILM BRAND NEW SURVIVORMAN SHOWS!!!!!! heres the technical info: I continue my long standing relationship with Discovery Channel US and The Science Channel US to bring you 8 brand new episodes of Survivorman. In Canada I am venturing into an exciting new relationship with Blue Ant Media's Travel and Escape channel an I am really looking forward to a network full of passionate and exciting and talented people geared to making great documentary TV! Around the rest of the world I am hopeful that my already existing partners will continue to jump on board so that my friends in places like Europe, Australia, South America, Asia and further beyond can continue to enjoy the exploits of the Survivorman series.

Now heres some very cool info - for two of the episodes I will definitely be taking my 16 year old son Logan out with me!! Now what i can tell you is that he is better at playing Call of Duty than he is at getting a fire going so it is going to make for some intense times when his rude awakening occurs after two days without food in the middle of the woods! As for locations - only one has actually been confirmed at this point and I know that Web Girl wants to get another contest going so that you can guess the locations for Survivorman swag. As for the format of the shows - I will continue with the core essence of what it takes to make a Survivorman show - ten days completely alone in some of the most beautiful yet harsh and remote places on the planet. I can only hope that you all will continue to take these journeys with me. I think you can expect them to make it to air by the end of this year!! Well, nothing left to do now but get out there!!!!......L

I think that the fact that his son will be there with him for a few of the episodes is very cool and will make things more interesting.

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