Monday, September 22, 2014

Wood Trekker Questions and Topic Requests

As you guys know, I’ve been writing this blog for going on five years now. I’ve tried to document as best I can my journey as an outdoorsman and my thoughts on the subject. I write the blog largely as my journal, so I can express my ideas without fear of censorship, and to that end I have been happy to write about the topics that cross my mind, or I think may help other. That being said, I do understand, that many of you read my posts, and you certainly have ideas about what you do and don’t find interesting. I understand that people come to this blog to search for information they may be interested in. Sadly, I don’t always know what that information is.


If I was to judge by the most visited posts, I could reach the conclusion that the subjects that are most interesting to people are as follows, in descending order of all time most visited posts:

  1. Cody Lundin Fired From Dual Survival 
  2. Dave Canterbury, Former Host of Dual Survival Apologizes to Fans
  3. Dual Survival Season 3 – Drama!
  4. Dual Survival Season 3 – Cast Changes
  5. Dave Canterbury’s Military Record and Other Background Notes

If I was to give the people what they want, judging by the above, I should focus my writing on Dual Survival and other survival show related drama. Of course, that would be rather boring for me, and hopefully is not what really brings people to this blog.

Over the years I’ve written about numerous subjects. My focus and interest has shifted from topic to topic over time. Sometimes that is the result of me figuring out exactly what I want, other times it has been due to the introduction of new interests, as I have been striving to expand my horizons as a woodsman.

All that being said, I come to you, the readers. What topics are you interested in? What areas would you like to see me write about? If you have any ideas or interests, no matter what they may be, post them in the comments, and I will do my best to develop more writing on them. The topics can span anything from “beginner” subjects to more controversial questions. I can’t promise that I will be able to address all of them, but I will try to guide more posts in that direction.

So, what would you like to see Wood Trekker write about? What subjects interest you? What questions do you have?

Thank you in advance, and as always, thank you for reading.

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