Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trip Report: Pheasant Hunting 10/4/14

Pheasant season opened on October 1st. Neither my friend nor I were able to take the day off, so we had to settle for the weekend. Rich, his dog and I headed up to Stewart State Forest to try to do some hunting even though the weather reports promised 100% chance of rain. We went up Friday night so we can get a good spot in the morning. We slept in the car, which is what we usually do there. In the morning we headed out at sunrise.

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Everything was wet. Rich ended up wearing an old pair of waders in order to keep dry.

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It kept raining the whole day, and the birds just refused to fly. The dog just couldn’t pick up the scent, and birds that would have otherwise taken off, were keeping low. I occupied my time by taking pictures of plants instead.

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We kept it up for a while, trying several different fields, but with no luck.

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We ended the day with a little bit of fishing. In the last post I mentioned that I had an 8lb set up for my spin fishing kit, so I figured I would show you a picture.

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The reel is a Shimano Sedona 2500FD. It is rated for line from 6-10lb. I keep 8lb line on it. It weighs 9.5oz. The tackle box has two compartments, one on each side. I also have a small bag of gummy lures.

Paint IMG_0603

Anyway, not much luck hunting. We weren’t even able to flush out any birds. We did hear a handful of shots throughout the day, but others didn’t seem to be having much luck either. The birds just weren’t flying in the rain, and the dogs had a hard time picking up the scent.

Oh, and since this is a post about upland hunting rather than fishing, the shotgun in my hands was a CZ Upland Ultralight. I spent the rest of the weekend at the trap range, shooting down unsuspecting clay pigeons.

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