Thursday, December 3, 2015

The First Solo Unsupported Crossing Of Death Valley

This post is a bit delayed, as the crossing occurred early in November 2015, but I wanted to put some focus on the expedition. Because of my location, I often focus on cold weather achievements, and sometimes overlook expeditions in more arid climates. Well, it’s hard to get more arid than Death Valley.

Between October 30, 2015 and November 7, 2015, Belgian adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke completed the first solo unsupported crossing of Death Valley.


Loncke covered 150 miles in eight days, exceeding the six days he had planned for the crossing.


Unlike previous attempts, Loncke decided to forego pulling a sled, and instead used only a backpack to carry his supplies.



The expedition was by no means uneventful. A water bladder leak, and an improper salt balance in the water threatened to end the attempt midway, but some ingenuity and luck allowed Loncke to overcome the problem.

You can see the trip journal and more photographs on Louis-Philippe Loncke’s website here.

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