Friday, September 10, 2010

Equipment Too Good to Use

We have all fallen into this trap at one point or another. We search for years for that piece of equipment that is just right. Eventually we find it, we take out a second mortgage on the house and buy it. Here it is; the perfect tool! Of course, now that we have this trophy of a tool, we can’t possibly risk using it. No, we will keep it in a very visible location on our person, so everyone knows we have it, but we will continue to use our old equivalent so the new tool does not get scratched.

I run across this most often when it comes to knives. Some people are willing to spend more on a knife (often because Famous Bushcrafter X uses it) than on the rest of their gear combined. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is purchased for the right reasons. If it is a superior tool, and you have the money, go for it. Too often however, I see people who have a knife on their belt that they never use, instead choosing to use a cheap alternative while the “higher quality” knife stays securely in its sheath.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand wanting to buy a work of art and keep it on display at home. What I don’t get is trying to pass it off as your bushcraft or camping knife. If you do not use it as a knife, then it is not your bushcraft knife. You can keep it in mint condition, and post pics of it till the cows come home, but be honest about what it is. You have just spent your money on bushcraft jewelry. It looks good, but it has no practical use.

Never spend so much on a tool, that it keeps you from using it to its fullest.