Friday, November 19, 2010

C9 by Champion-Low Cost, High Performance Clothing

If you have not heard yet about the C9 line of clothing by Champion, you need to take a look.

The line is made exclusively for Target. The products include everything from base layer athletic clothing to cold weather jackets and pants. All of their clothing items are divided into three categories: base layer, mid layer and outer layer.

The whole line is made of breathable, moisture wicking material. From everything I have been able to find, the quality of the product and the performance level is equivalent to that of the top end clothing manufacturers in the field. The fit and finish of each item is excellent, and there is nothing to indicate any level of compromise in the manufacturing process.

The best part about the C9 clothing by Champion is of course the price. Everything seems to be at least a third of a comparable brand name item. I bought a pair of cold weather pants for $30, a vest for $25, and a cold weather jacket, including a mid layer and a removable water resistant outer layer for $60. All of the items combined cost me less than I would have spent on just the vest from a brand name manufacturer.

All I can say is, go to your nearest Target and start buying before they come to their senses and increase the prices. For some reason, the Target website is showing a very limited collection of Champion clothing, much more limited than I have seen in the stores.