Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Closer Look at the New Line of Mora Knives

Not long ago, I did a post on Mora knives. You can see the post here.

As I explained then, they are wonderful knives, but they do have some limitations. One source of the limitations is a fairly thin blade, and a short tang. In the above post, I provided some x-rays of popular Mora models, which have been floating on the internet for some time.

I also mentioned that Mora had recently come out with a new line of bushcraft knives. We now have a picture of what the tangs of the new Mora knives look like.

The first blade in the picture is the Bushcraft Triflex. It has a tang identical in design to the Clipper and the Craftsman knives.

The second blade is the Top Q line of knives. It has a tang identical in design to the High Q, the 511, the 711, and the now discontinued 510.

The third blade is the Bushcraft Force. It has the same tang as the Mora 2000 and apparently all the other models in the bushcraft line.

Again, while the picture looks scary, these knives are fairly strong. They will hold up to most tasks. Just be aware that heavy wood work (batoning or truncating) is pushing the limits of the knife, and failures may occur.