Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blackhawk 1Qt Canteen Review

The Blackhawk 1Qt canteen is designed as a replacement for the standard US general issue military canteen. It is manufactured by Nalgene and comes in a green or brown color.

The biggest selling point of the new canteen is that it is see through unlike the GI one. It is certainly a big improvement not to have to try to judge how much water you have left by the weight of the canteen.

The listed specifications indicate that the Blackhawk canteen can withstand temperatures from -40F to 212F, making it dishwasher safe. It is also BPA free (I don’t care much, but they seem to be very proud of that fact).

In size the Blackhawk canteen is identical to the GI one. It fits perfectly in the standard canteen pouch and nests in the GI canteen cup.

The Blackhawk canteen is made of thinner material than the GI one. This allows for a wider mouth opening. I would imagine however that it would also be less durable.

You can find these canteens for about $10.00 online. The price is not too bad, although for the same money you can buy a standard GI canteen and a canteen cup. I certainly like the fact that it is see though, and it appears to be a well made and thought out product. All surfaces are well finished, and the cap fits nicely with a loop that is long enough to keep the cap out of your mouth when drinking, unlike the GI canteen. For me, it is a significant enough improvement in quality and design, to justify the extra money.