Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Les Stroud Designs and Releases the Temagami Knife

Les Stroud, known to many as Survivorman, in collaboration with the Norwegian knife company, Helle, is releasing the Temagami knife.

There has been talk about the collaboration for a while, but these are the first pictures that I have seen of the knife, which will be released in limited numbers (500) at the end of February.

It will come in laminated carbon and stainless steel, which will both be available worldwide after February. The cost of the knife that is being thrown around is in the $180.00 range. I am not sure if that is for the limited version, or the general knife.

In terms of design, the knife looks like a traditional Helle. It appears to be very similar to a Helle Eggen. The tang is a bit different. While it is not a full tang knife, it appears to be more prominent than that on a traditional Helle.

To be honest, I have not had the best experiences with Helle knives, so I am skeptical about this one. The design looks good with some minor issues, but we’ll see if it can stand up to actual use as advertised.