Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gear in Action

So, this whole week, and then some, I’ve been making lists of my gear. You guys are probably as bored with it as I am. I figured I would show you some of it in use on a trip. Here is the whole pack, ready for action. Notice the very valuable snow shovel.

I chose my camp location because the large rock had minimized the snow accumulation, requiring me to shovel less snow. No tarp needed-too cold to rain.

Why is the sleeping bag so out of place, you ask? Because there is a frozen little dog hiding in it.

All the wood was gathered with the Trailblazer bucksaw, and then split with my small axe. This is all oak and hickory. Unfortunately, that’s what I had in the area. Oak burns for a long time and creates great coals, but is a pain to process-very hard to cut and especially split.

Something that is particularly true about winter camping is that you need to be prepared. Don’t just hope that certain resources will be available. If you don’t know the area, don’t just think that you will easily find tinder, bedding, or any other materials you may need. Time is often of the essence, and spending two hours looking for resources while being wet, can be a problem, especially since the sun goes down early.