Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Overview of my Camping Gear-Part 1

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to make a post showing all of my gear. Even though I have mentioned from time to time certain pieces of gear that I carry, I’ve never gotten around to this post, mostly because the gear that one carries depends much on personal preference. I do however know that such lists can be very useful to people who are just starting out and are looking for direction. This first post on my gear will be just an overview of the items. I will have more specific posts on certain items in the next few days. So here it is:

First, there is the all important belt kit, now more correctly named pocket kit. I have done several posts on my belt kit and the continuous changes that I have been making to it. You can see them here, here, and here. What you see below is my current version of the belt kit.

The first item is my canteen kit. You can find more details about it here. The only changes that I have made is to replace the GI canteen with the Blakhawk canteen, and to add a shoulder strap in case I do not want to carry it on my belt.

The next item is my possibles pouch. You can see more details about it here. The only thing that I have changed is that I have gone back to using my large ferrocerium rod. It was just more comfortable. I keep it in my pocket with the rest of the kit.

The final item is my knife. It is the Kauhavan Puukkopaja Vuolupuukko. I will have a review on the knife in the next few weeks. The knife goes in my other pocket.

The picture below shows the rest of my gear. This is everything I carry in all seasons. The only thing that changes is the amount of clothing that I carry and the thickens of sleeping bag that I bring. For longer trips, I just add more food. The average weight of my pack, including food and water for an overnight trip is 35lb. I use a modified US Army CFP 90 pack. I have put a number on each item so they are easier to follow.

1. GI closed-cell foam sleeping pad. I have narrowed the pad by a few inches. It is still the original length.

2. US Army MSS sleeping bag and bivi. Here you see only the light weight bag and the bivi in a Sea to Summit dry sack.

3. Kookalight inflatable pillow.

4. DD tarp 10 feet by 10 feet.

5. GI poncho.

6. First aid kit.

7. Cooking pots (titanium; 1L and 2L)

8. Small MSR white gas fuel bottle with pump.

9. MSR Whisperlite International white gas stove.

10. Home made axe (1/5lb head)

11. Waterproof bag with random items-flashlight, bug repellant, compass, lantern, mosquito head net, mirror, whistle, toilet paper, toothbrush, soap and extra tinder.

12. Waterproof tool bag-rope, trowel, crook knife and multi-tool.

13. Food bag. You can find more information about the food I carry here, here, and here.

14. Trailblazer 24 inch collapsible buck saw.

15. MSR Dromedary 6L water bladder.

16. MSR Miniworks EX water filter.

17. Waterproof clothes bag-two pairs of socks, extra shirt, and whatever else I decide to put in it. There isn’t much more I can say about this. You can find more information about my clothing choices here and here.

18. Second clothes bag-gloves and hat.