Monday, March 7, 2011

Axe Replacement Handles

In recent years more and more people have taken up the challenge of restoring and repairing vintage axes. An essential part of most repairs is the replacement of the axe handle. I know that I personally have had a hard time finding quality handles, especially when phrasing them online. For that reason I decided to put together a short list of websites where you can buy some hard to find handles.

Gransfors Bruks Replacement Handles

Omaha Knife-This site just started carrying the axes. Specifically, they have the full line of Gransfors Bruks axes and replacement handles. They are your best bet for getting a Gransfors Bruks replacement handle for a reasonable price in the US. They are a small store, so you will have to email them with your order. I have found them to be very responsive.

Country Knives-This is the only other source of Gransfors Bruks replacement handles that I have been able to find in the US. Their prices are quite high.

Dieter Schmid-Fine Tools-This is a European distributor.

Pro Adventure-Europe

Sports Link Up-Europe

Wetterlings Replacement Handles

Garrett Wade-This is the only source that I have been able to find that sells Wetterlings replacement handles. You can probably contact some other sellers and they might be able to get you some handles, but this is the only place that sells them for few of the models.

Husqvarna Replacement Handles

Bailey’s-They sell replacement handles for the Husqvarna Traditional (Multi-Purpose) Axe.

Snow & Nealley Replacement Handles

CSP Outdoors-This site has very good prices on all Snow & Nealley axes and replacement handles for each model. There are other locations where you can find the handles, but this is my favorite.

Other Replacement Handles

House Handle Company-This company sells a good line of replacement handles at low prices, and their quality is fair.