Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trail Blazer Take Down Buck Saw Sheath Review

Recently I ran across a product that I was not expecting to find. It is a sheath made specifically for the Trail Blazer Take Down Buck Saw. They have it for both the 24 inch and the 18 inch saws. I found it on this site.

The sheath is a basic nylon design, although the material is quite thick and robust. It has a velcro closure. The saw fits in it very well. And is held securely. It works particularly well if you have modified the saw as I did here. The sheath keeps it from coming apart in your pack (has never actually happened to me).

The sheath adds some weight and bulk to an already large saw, so I’m not sure it is worth it. The saw itself contains all the parts very securely, so the sheath might be overkill for $15.00, but if you’ve been looking for one, this one works very well.

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