Monday, June 27, 2011

Guest Post: Mora 511 Knife and Sheath Modification Tutorial

Recently I stumbled upon another great tutorial on Bushcraft USA put up by Jontok (Jon). Not long ago I had put up a review of the Mora 511, and showed that you can modify it by removing the finger guard. That modification however left the sheath with some unused space. Jontok has solved that problem in a very interesting way, and has allowed me to post it here. By the way, he is also to thank for the tang-view picture of the Hultafors HVK. So, here it is:

I've gotten lots and lots of PM's asking me to make a tutorial on modding the Mora 511... Well, I've actually only gotten one request for it, but I've read that one lots of times! :)

Anyway, this is how I do it with my limited supply of tools... Oh, and sorry for the crappy pics!

First you need a Mora 511. (I forgot to take a pic of it before starting)

Let's start with...


First thing I do is to mod the horrible plastic beltloop!
A little cutting, and here's what you get...(original on left for referance)


Then drill a couple of holes for attaching the new leather beltloop.


Logically I should now proceed with attaching the beltloop, but I like to get all my cutting out of the way first! :)

So Well come back to this later and, instead, move on to making the firesteel loop.

Just take your firesteel and see where, and how much, you need to cut off the sheath.


After some cutting...


Here you can see how the firesteel fits inside. Remember to leave some room around the tip! This will allow the cord to be passed over the tip (for retention).


For retention I like to swap out the cord on the firesteel with some 3mm elastic cord. I won't do it this time, but that's just because I can't remember where I put that darn cord! :)

Now, let's get back to that lea...WAIT! BREAK TIME!

Ok, now that we're back, let's resume with the leather beltoop!

Take a spare piece of soft leather, and cut it to the size you want your beltloop...


Punch two holes matching the holes you drilled in the sheath.


Now fasten it with some heavy-duty thread. I use pre-waxed linen thread.
Just pull it through the holes lots of times, and tie it off.


Now for the....


Needless to say, this can be done lots of different ways! My way is done useing a dremel knockoff...

I start with putting some masking tape on the blade. Then I put a piece of tape where I wish to cut. This is a very helpful guide for your cutting blade!


Then a little time with a grinding wheel (for dremel) and a file for the final shaping and to square off the spine.


This is a fine time to make some thumbgrooves on the spine (using the cutting wheel and a round needle pointed file). I didn't bother with that this time though...

Then you cut of the fingerguard. I use a modelling saw (?) to cut the guard, then do the final shapeing with a sharp knife.

The finished product:



Well, that's it.

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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