Thursday, July 28, 2011

Basic Axe Use Part 4: Carving

This is the last part of the series on basic axe use. I decided to finish it with a couple of ideas about carving with an axe. Many people ignore this ability of the tool, but it can drastically decrease the time it takes to complete a carving project. Since this is a basics video, I’ve only used it to show some of the possible things you can do with an axe. There are many other carving techniques that will come into use for the more advanced axe handler.

Part 4 of 4:

Some things that were not mentioned in the video:

1. In order to be able to carve with an axe as you would with a knife, your axe has to be just as sharp as your knife.

2. If you are carving and the wood on which you are working starts splitting, turn it around and try it from the other direction. Often the grain alignment will work to your advantage.

3. Carving, planing, and general wood working is more easily done with the handle still on the axe. It has become fashionable in recent times to use a tomahawk from which the handle can be removed and the head alone used for carving. That significantly limits the carving ability of the axe.

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