Monday, July 11, 2011

An Introduction to Axes Part 1: Types of Axes

This year for my birthday my amazing girlfriend got me a camera, so I can finally try shooting some video. This here is my first attempt:

This video is part one of a three-part series, which looks to provide some very basic information about axes and their use. The first part focuses on several different general types of axes. You can find pictures of each axe featured in the video right below it here.

Part 1 of 3:

The Broad Axe-unknown maker. The handle appears to be original.


The Carpenter’s Hatchet-made by Vaughn & Bushnell (currently in production)


The Splitting Maul-made by Collins; 6lb head (currently in production)


The Felling Axe-made by True Temper; model Kelly Perfect; Dayton pattern; 3.5lb head; 35 inch handle (original)


All three parts of the video are already on YouTube here, but I will put the other two here as well along with pictures.

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