Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Axe Maintenance and Repair Part 2: Removing a Broken Handle

In this part of the series I want to take a look at removing a broken axe handle. In particular, I will try to do it in the field only with tools I would have on hand if such an emergency occurred.

Part 2 of 5:

It is often stipulated that the removal of an axe handle in the woods is a difficult and time consuming process. As you can see in the video, if your axe handle is not epoxied into the eye of the axe head, the whole procedure can be done in under ten minutes.

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The image you see here is that of the axe right after it broke. It is rare to see, but if you use an axe a lot, you should be prepared for the possibility. The axe you see is a Council Tool Boy’s axe which I have previously re-hung (changed the handle).

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