Monday, August 22, 2011

Council Tool to Release the Velvicut Hudson Bay Axe

As you guys know, Council Tool has been working on a premium line of axes that they call Velvicut. They have already released on of the models, the 4 pound Dayton axe. The newest model to be released in the Velvicut version of their Hudson Bay axe.


This axe is intended to compete directly with the Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe, and will be sold at about the same price, $130.00. The axe is forged from 5160 steel, and tempered to a hardness of HRC50-54. The handle has been shortened to about 23 inches, and is finished with a coating of linseed oil. The head is hung using a wooden wedge and a metal cross wedge.

Significantly, the poll of the Velvicut Hudson Bay axe has been extended when compared to the original model, providing much better balance. Looking at the above picture, it appears that they have added the ridge inside the eye, used by True Temper in the past, for added handle hold. The axe also comes with a leather sheath. Council Tool is currently taking orders for the axe, and they are expected to go on sale in late August.

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