Friday, February 14, 2014

My Backpacking and Bushcraft Gear

The other day I shot a short video going over my backpacking and bushcraft gear. Since my three season and my winter gear are so similar, I decided to combine the two in this video. I’ve left out of the discussion task specific equipment such as hunting gear, climbing gear, snowshoeing gear, etc, as they get added onto the equipment you see in the video. This gear list will allow me to stay in the woods anywhere from an overnight to an extended stay.

I tried to provide all of the weights of the gear in the video because I think it is very important. Without keeping track, it is very easy for your pack weight to balloon up. When you hold an item in your hand, it rarely seems heavy, but together it all adds up. Keep in mind, there are only 16 ounces in a pound. Since my approach to the woods involves mobility, I try to keep the weight as low as possible while still preserving the functionality of the gear.

To summarize from the video, my three season weight (down to 32F or 0C) is 12 lb 7.1 oz. My winter weight (down to 0F or –18C) is 12 lb 8.8 oz. The weights are very similar because the only major change is the sleeping bag. My down winter sleeping bag compresses to and weighs about the same as my old synthetic three season bag, keeping the weights similar. If I use the thicker winter sleeping bag (down to –25F or –32C) and the larger pack, my base weight would be 16 lb 14.8 oz.

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