Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trip Report: Working on the Ice Climbing Skills 3/2/14

Well, not much of a trip report. I figure we have another month/month and a half of winter left, so I should do some work on my horribly deficient ice climbing skills. There is some easily accessible ice in the Catskills, which made is easy.






I definitely need to get a second harness. Right now I use the BD Couloir harness, which is great for the type of terrain I usually do, with only short vertical section. It is light and packs down small. However, it is not nearly as comfortable for hanging around on vertical ice as a more robust harness. I put on one of the Arcteryx harnesses for a while, and it was much more comfortable and fit better over the clothing.  

I also need to stop bumming ice tools from people. I just can’t decide exactly what I want. I’ve climbed with the Fusions, the Cobras, the Quarks, the Trango Raptors, and a few others. I’m not sure if I should go with a more or less technical tool. I’ll probably end up with the Quarks at the end. I just keep going back to them for some reason. 

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