Friday, March 7, 2014

Ultralight Makeover by Backpacking North

Over the past year, a fellow blogger and writer of Backpacking North has been putting together an excellent and fairly detailed tutorial on reducing the weight of your gear. He has gone through great effort to provide the necessary resources and details. I think it is a great read, no matter if you are looking to go ultralight, or simply looking to streamline your gear. I found the advise to be reasonable and well measured, without any ridiculous recommendations or excesses. I don’t necessarily agree with all the recommendations, or find them to be for me, but I think everyone can benefit from reading it.


The tutorial is divided into different sections dealing with specific types of gear. I will provide the links here so you can read them on the Backpacking North website:

As with any tutorial on these subjects, you will find some of the information useful, other not so much. None the less, I think it is definitely worth a read.

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