Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trip Report: Cook Forest 5/24/14

This memorial day weekend I found myself again in Pennsylvania with my girlfriend. On Saturday we did a day trip into Cook Forest, so I figured I would share a few pics. The woods are not really her thing, but she’s a good sport.


We hiked up to a fire tower on the top of one of the mountains. We were alone the whole way up, and didn’t see anyone else in the forest. It turns out that there is also a road that goes up to near the top of the mountain, which is how everyone apparently chooses to get there. As a result there were plenty of people at the top.



Not too far from the fire tower it was possible to see the Clarion River.


We left the mountain and started on our way down. Soon enough we there was no one near us. We stopped for a bit to get some water.


I carried my usual day kit:

  • Pocket kit: tinder, matches, lighter, mini flashlight, repair kit, water purification tablets, and some pills;
  • Knife: custom Mora #2 clone;
  • Nalgene water bottle with a nesting titanium cup (Stoic 700ml Ti Kettle); I had a second bottle for my girlfriend;
  • Bahco Laplander saw;
  • Emergency blanket;
  • Some food that does not require cooking (power bars, etc);
  • Extra clothing: rain jacket, fleece insulation layer for each of us.

I carried all of the items in a REI Flash 22 backpack. I’ve removed the side pockets from the pack as I didn’t need them. I find the pack large enough for day trips even during winter.


When we got to the base of the mountain, we spent some time by the river. The water levels were pretty high because of recent storms.


And that’s it. I’m back in NY now, trying to catch the end of turkey season if I can find the time.

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