Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cody Lundin States That Discovery Channel Lied About Why He Was Fired From Dual Survival

So, in this latest installment of the Dual Survival soap opera, the Discovery Channel and Cody Lundin are facing off in the media as well as in a potential lawsuit.

As many of you know, last night the Discovery Channel aired an episode of Dual Survival titled Journey's End to a New Beginning, explaining why Cody Lundin was fired and what lead to that outcome. The episode primarily focused on a number of incidents from seasons three and four of the show where Cody and his co-host Joe Teti were arguing, or where Cody refused to shoot the show, or acted in a strange manner. The producers made it seem as if though they had no idea why Cody was acting in such a way, or what his problem might have been. Their explanation was that the stress of filming the show probably got to him.


For those of us who have been following along, the explanation that Discovery provided just seemed strange and very staged. It was clear that the instances provided were taken out of context, and it wasn’t even difficult to imagine what that context was. Today Cody Lundin released a statement on his Facebook page, titles “Dual Survival Defamation”, stating that the Discovery Channel lied about what happened, and that he will be pursuing legal measures against them. Here is the full statement:

Hi Campers,

Taking the high road does not involve letting disingenuous people dump on you. I have heard that Discovery Communications and Original Media (the production company) tried their best to defame me on last night’s program, even dredging back into season three. Like herpes, just when one thinks the last boil is gone, another one appears. A cease and desist letter for defamation was sent to both companies by my attorney weeks ago. It seems this was ignored. For executives to purposely pick and edit footage out of context at my and the viewers expense, all the while knowing the real back story, is without conscience. Once again, these actions are uncalled for and have forced my hand to defend my professional reputation.

What Dual Survival fans don’t know is that last night’s “behind the scenes” episode was Discovery’s “Plan B” at attempting to explain why I am no longer on the show. “Plan A,” which I refused to participate in, is far more interesting, informative and damning to those involved.

On a positive note, I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from fans. Thousands of you have sent notes of well wishing in letters, emails, voice mails, facebook, and on my blog. Many of you expressed sadness at my parting, but were grateful for the integrity. One couple who had used my role on the show to teach their children outdoor skills is now using my termination as a teaching point to remind their kids to be true to themselves regardless of the apparent cost. Brilliant! We can all lose jobs, we can all lose friends, but if we lose our integrity and honor, we all lose. I appreciate your supporting qualities that cannot be bought.

Remember, the Light never fails!

Stay true, Cody

At this point it’s not exactly clear what the truth is, but it’s certainly not what was portrayed on the show last night. The whole “Cody is acting strange and refusing to film the stuff we tell him to, but we have no idea why” is just not passing the smell test. My guess: Cody was clearly tired of being on the show and being asked to shoot fake, staged, and unrealistic b.s. and the producers were tired of Cody giving them a hard time about making “good TV”. Both sides were probably staying on because of the contract between them. Eventually Cody got in their face one too many times about the silliness that was being filmed and we have all become accustomed to, and they decided that they would be better off firing him.

One thing that did become clear last night was that Dual Survival is a complete joke of a show when it comes to both reality TV and survival instruction. It is rare that a reality TV show fails on the reality aspect, but Dual Survival certainly seems to have managed it. Apparently every aspect of the show is staged and scripted. Where they go, what route they take, even where they stand for the shots is apparently scripted. They take prolonged brakes, even for days in between scenes, and appear to be moving around with a crew of at least a dozen people. I am not sure why the Discovery Channel decided to show that much of what is going on behind the scenes, but it was enough to demonstrate that the show and all of the drama on it is completely staged. It made Man vs Wild look like the real deal… which is sad.

I feel bad for Matt Graham who is stepping into this debacle. I wish him luck. 

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