Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dave Canterbuby Announces New Survival Show on National Geographic

Have you missed seeing Dave Canterbury on TV? If you have, then good news. In a Facebook post published on Friday, Dave announced that he will be involved in a new show on National Geographic called Dirty Rotten Survival. You can see the post here.


The show is to premier on September 15, 2015 at 10 p.m. Here is the description Dave provided:

ANNOUNCEMENT-The time has finally come for me to announce an NEW show I will be involved in that will Air beginning Sept 15 at 10/9c on National Geographic Channel. Dirty Rotten Survival is an outdoor adventure trek seasoned with a dash of grit, “man-genuity,” and a whole lot of MacGyver’ing. National Geographic Channel challenged a survival savant, an engineer-inventor and a construction guru to hit the road and test their mettle by competing in location-inspired outdoor challenges across several states using a different, limited set of tools in each episode. The series will turn the survival genre on its head while our three experts work, laugh and — sometimes — suffer through each “stately” challenge. Thank you all for your patience and support!”

My hope is that the show is more lighthearted fun rather than scripted drama. I would love to see something along the lines of the old Junkyard Wars.

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