Monday, August 10, 2015

Weedless Lure Set Up Tutorial

I know I’ve been doing a lot of fishing posts lately, but I just wanted to show you a lure set up I use quite a bit when spin fishing. It is a set up designed to be used in bodies of water that have a lot of weeds and would snag up a different lure. I find it works great in any type of water however, and It’s been my go-to lure for about a year now. I’ve used it successfully on bass, perch, and pickerel.


I start with a gummy lure and an offset shank hook. In the above picture you see a Havoc 4 inch Pit Boss lure, Skeet Reese Design, and a #4/0 offset shank hook. You can use a regular hook of a similar size, but it works better with the offset shank.

I start by piercing the tip of the lure with the hook and then pulling the hook through about a quarter of an inch into the body, just enough distance to fit in the offset part of the shank.



The next step is to align the hook next to the body of the lure. Note where the back of the hook crosses the lure.


The place where the back of the hook crosses the lure is where you need to thread the tip of the hook through the lure. Note, it’s not the place where the tip is, but rather where the back of the hook is located on the lure. That will require bending of the lure.


The last step is to take the tip of the hook, align it with the top portion of the lure, and lightly burry the tip into the body of the lure. Some lures even have a groove in that area so you can just hide the tip of the hook in it.


You might be asking yourself how such a set up, with a hook that is hidden would actually hook a fish. After all, if the lure will not get hooked on weeds, why would it hook a fish? The reason it works is that when fish go after the lure, they hit it. When they bite down on it, usually with speed, the hook pops up and embeds in the fish. I’m yet to have a hit on the lure that didn’t result in hooking of the fish.

So, if you fish in an area where you lose a lot of lures by catching them on woods, logs, etc, a set up like this one might just do the trick.

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