Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mora Companion/Clipper Extended Tang

We’ve all grown familiar with the Mora Clipper over the years. Some people love it, others like me, don’t, but the incredible shortness of its tang was always a point of contention with this knife. Often it’s been given as an example of how even the smallest of tangs can make a useful knife. You can see more details about the Clipper here.

Well, it looks like Mora will be replacing the Clipper with the Companion MG knife. In all respects it appears to be the same as the Clipper, with minor changes to the finishing of the handle.

The significant change however is that it will have an extended tang. The drawing above was released by Mora, showing a tang that is significantly longer than that of the Clipper. The Mora Companion is already being sold. One location where it can be found is here. If you want a Clipper for your collection, now may be the time to get one.


  1. I was always a KJ Eriksson fan over Frosts, at first I didn't know why but it just seemed like the KJ Erikssons were better built. Many years later I start to see X-rays of the handles and almost without exception the plastic handle KJ Eriksson models have 3/4 length tangs while the Frosts have much shorter 1/2 to 1/3 length tangs. Now that both companies are now Frosts Of Sweden they are making more use of the KJ Eriksson tangs except when it comes to the wood handle models: these now instead of being a full lenth tang you can see all the way to the end, are now the same tang you see above, a 3/4 tang so I feel cheapened and cheated. :(

  2. Sorry, combined company is Mora Of Sweden, not Frosts of Sweden.

  3. I am of the group that love the Mora knives.I've got several of each model(in this case ,more is better :- P).
    They have super handle ergonomics and the blades are razor sharp, easy to sharpen en pretty tough too for their thickness.
    I love the carbon steel.