Friday, June 1, 2012

Hiking-Blogs Directory

I recently bumped into the Hiking-Blogs Directory website. It is the brain child of Philip Werner, the writer of the Section Hiker blog you see listed in my blog roll. According to him, he started the project in order to maintain the overgrown blog links list on his site, a goal I can certainly relate to.›-Discover-New-Hiking-Blogs.-Vote-for-your-Favorites.-174814-003

The site contains many great links, and is well maintained, keeping only active blogs on the list. While the focus of most blogs seems to be hiking, as per the title, many other blogs and useful sites are maintained there.

There is even a link to Wood Trekker, yours truly. You can vote on each of the blogs listed on the site. If you wish to cast a vote for my blog, Wood Trekker, just follow the link here.

The site is a good resource, and I thought it was worth sharing.

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