Monday, June 18, 2012

Hultafors Axes Finally Available

As you guys know from my prior posts, Hultafors axes, made by what used to be Hults Bruk, are not available for sale in the US. For some reason Hultafors is worried about liability issues with axes in the US. All that silliness aside, it made it very difficult to get your hands on one of their axes. The last one I reviewed, I had to get shipped from Germany. Well, I am told that there is a Canadian distributor that now ships to the US.


The distributor is Bushcraft Canada. On their site you will find several Hultafors axes available for sale, which can be shipped to the US. I am told by people that the owner is great to deal with, and will find you other models as well if you ask. It is certainly worth a try.


  1. FYI: Hultafors axes are sold by online, and the price is reasonable even including the cost of international shipping. I had ordered other products from in the past, and had them shipped to the U.S. This time, however, I was unsuccessful. The axe never made it through customs. Luckily Amazon gave me a full refund, including the cost of shipping. Better luck next time.

  2. I tried to order a hultafors ax from bushcraft Canada and they said they couldn't ship there axes to the U.S on request from hultafors