Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cody Lundin Explains The Various Forms of Survival Skills

Cody Lundin recently posted an article on his website titled: Dual Survival: Explaining the Various Forms of Survival Skills. The article itself has very little to do with Dual Survival from which Cody was recently fired and replaced by Matt Graham. He simply uses it to describe one particular type of survival skills.


In particular, the article outlines several general categories of survival skills:

  1. Modern Outdoor Survival Skills: Short term survival in a rural or wilderness environment (usually of a three day or less duration).
  2. Primitive Living Skills: Long term living in a wilderness environment using indigenous technology.
  3. Urban Preparedness: Short term living in an urban or suburban environment.
  4. Wilderness Living Skills (more commonly referred to as Bushcrafting or Campcraft): Short or moderate term living in a rural or wilderness environment.
  5. Homesteading: Long term living in a rural or wilderness environment.

According to Cody, while survival skills can be implemented in all of the above scenarios, the way the skills are applied will differ depending on the type of scenario you find yourself from the above list. Consequently, Cody asserts that when learning, or even teaching survival skills, one should first decide which one of the above scenarios they are training for, and then learnt he survival skills in the appropriate context.

The example Cody gives is that of fire lighting. Friction fire lighting is an indigenous skill, best used in a primitive living scenario. Relaying on the same skill for fire lighting in a modern outdoor survival scenario, like those seen on Dual Survival, where time is of great importance, and you body and mind may not be functioning optimally, may not be a good idea.

I think the article is worth a look. You can read it at the above link. 

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