Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dual Survival Canceled by The Discovery Channel

Two days ago TMZ reported that the Discovery Channel had canceled Dual Survival. I first found out about it when it was published on Rocky Mountain Bushcraft. At the time Jason had contacted Discovery, so I figured I would wait for the confirmation before sharing the news. It has now been confirmed that the Discovery Channel has canceled Dual Survival.


It appears that the cancelation occurred at the completion of filming for this upcoming season. I imagine that the season will air, but that will be the end.

For me the interesting part of all this is the potential reason for the show’s cancelation. Shows get canceled all the time, but the circumstances surrounding the cancelation of Dual Survival are potentially very interesting. After all, it certainly wasn’t canceled because of the ratings. The show is a very strong performer for Discovery, and is one of the most popular survival shows on TV.

The reason is clearly something else. The question is “what”? TMZ originally reported that during filming of the last episode co-host Joe Teti injured a dog in an attempt to save a cat. According to Discovery that was not the reason for the cancelation, but that allegedly made the folks at Discovery even more comfortable about the cancelation. 

Dual Survival is no stranger to controversy. Its hosts seem to generate more drama than the Kardashians. For those who can remember back far enough, in 2011, after completion of Season 2, co-host Dave Canterbury was fired for falsifying his military record. Then in 2014, in the middle of Season 4, co-host Cody Lundin was fired due to disagreements with the show’s producers. It looks like Season 6, which I assume will air will be the last one. Neither of the previous cast changes prevented any of the episodes from being aired, so I assume that will be the case with the upcoming Season 6 as well. 

I am sure we will eventually find out what necessitated such a drastic measure on the part of Discovery. It may be related to documents Discovery may have seen during ongoing litigation involving Joe Teti and Mykel Hawke. Litigation is a double edged sword. The discovery process (excuse the pun) can reveal all sorts of information about the litigants. Of course, this is all just speculation at this pint. It could be anything.

I haven’t followed the show in a while. These days it is more of a TV soap opera than a survival show, so I have lost interest, but I would love to know what lead to the cancelation. If you guys have any information, please share it below.

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